10 snacks that are surprisingly suitable for vegans and vegetarians

After feeling peckish for some snacks, I also became curious to find out to which snacks are vegetarian and vegan friendly. With the research I found, I was really surprised by some nibbles that turned out to be veggie friendly. Here are some of the most surprising I found; Millions These sweets have been one of my favourites since I was 8 years old visiting … Continue reading 10 snacks that are surprisingly suitable for vegans and vegetarians


So this is a bit of a different review from usual, because today I had my first ever fast-food veggie option. Mexican as well. I went to Pintos, a sit in or take away Mexican canteen which is exclusive to Scotland. This review will be a bit shorter than usual, with less to say on service because of it being fast food. Nonetheless; First Impressions … Continue reading Pinto


Last week I ate at the bar and restaurant on Bath Street named Bloc, for lunch, and needless to say, I did not need any dinner afterwards. I tried my first MASSIVE veggie burger and here is how it went; First Impressions and Service I had been here just once before as part of a pub crawl, so I knew that it was a ideal … Continue reading Bloc


As Valentines Day is approaching, I thought that it would be most appropriate to write up a review of somewhere that, I think, would be the ideal place for a romantic dinner date – my favourite Italian restaurant in Glasgow. First Impressions and Service Overall, I have dined in Amarone three times since last October and each time gets better than the last. Situated roughly … Continue reading Amarone


Zizzi’s is one of my favourite restaurants, purely because their Spaghetti Bolognese is delicious and I have also picked at some Calzones before which have been pretty tasty. However, I was seriously disappointed when I visited Zizzi’s as a vegetarian purely because of the lack of option and tasteless food. First Impressions and Service There is no need for me to write about my first … Continue reading Zizzi’s