Glasgow’s summer had come and gone within just 7 days last week. This was everyone’s chance to get their taps aff and make the most of the beer gardens. I spent the majority of my week in the West End at Kelvingrove Park and took a trip to BRGR one of the days for some lunch, here is how it went; First Impressions and Service … Continue reading BRGR

Bar Soba

Yesterday’s lunch led me to the Asian street food restaurant, Bar Soba – somewhere I have never been before, even for as much as a cocktail, although I always wanted to try. I had heard a lot about Bar Soba from friends who dine there a lot and have seen plenty of Instagrams of cocktails, so I thought it was about time I paid a … Continue reading Bar Soba


So this is a bit of a different review from usual, because today I had my first ever fast-food veggie option. Mexican as well. I went to Pintos, a sit in or take away Mexican canteen which is exclusive to Scotland. This review will be a bit shorter than usual, with less to say on service because of it being fast food. Nonetheless; First Impressions … Continue reading Pinto

First review of ‘Stereo’

Today was the first day I ate lunch as a vegan. I went to the café/bar, ‘Stereo’, accompanied by my friend Chris – who also recommended here to me, and I can safely say I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the ‘Crispy Gnocchi’, which I had absolutely no idea what that even was until a few hours ago. So here is my very first review … Continue reading First review of ‘Stereo’