Las Iguanas

Last Friday a catch up with friends took me for my dinner and some cocktails at the Latin American restaurant, Las Iguanas in the city centre of Glasgow.


First Impressions and Service

I had never been to Las Iguanas up until now, but it was my idea to eat here on Friday because I walk by it quite a lot and have wanted to try it. Two out of the four friends who I dined with had already been and seemed to have good words for it.

The inside was decorated really appropriate to its theme, which is Mexican obviously, although it lacked some sombreros. Other than that, it was actually really nice with a right authentic Latin American feel to it. I really liked the little cushions that were on some of the seats as well. Inside is also pretty big and spacious with plenty of tables. However, when all of our food came there was hardly any room for anything on the table.

The waitresses were lovely. One girl greeted us when we walked in and took us to our table. She then asked if we had been here before so she could explain how the menu worked. Our other waitress who took our order and served our food to us was also very nice. She helped me choose a cocktail and was also happy to make me a frozen strawberry daiquiri which was not on the menu, I don’t think, just a normal strawberry daiquiri.

The Menu and Prices

There is a great menu here for vegans and vegetarians. Before we were seated the waitress asked if we would be needing a vegan and vegetarian menu, which of course I would be needing. I think this was probably the biggest veggie menu I’ve ever seen, other than in places such as The 13th Note which is specifically a veggie café. By biggest I mean the biggest in variety and range.

I chose to eat from the lunch and early evening menu though, which didn’t have as much on it as just the normal menu because it was smaller, but it still had some good options. The lunch and early evening menu runs from noon until 6.30pm daily. It includes; a main course for either £6, £6.95 or £7.95. You can add a started to that for just £1.95 or £2.95.

lunch menu

My total came to about £18, if I remember correctly. With a main course at £6, a side (which was not on the lunch menu) for £3.95 and two cocktails for £3.90 each.

I though my total was a reasonable price, especially for having two cocktails. The only negative thing I would have to say is that the sides from the a la carte menu are pretty pricy; £3.95 for a small bowl of chips is 5p dearer than a cocktail.

The full menu can be viewed here.


Sadly, I did not really enjoy what I ordered this evening. I got the vegetables enchiladas;

‘tortilla stuffed with butternut squash, red peppers, spinach and cheese with a smoky chilli and tomato sauce on a bed of spring onion rice with refried beans and cheese’.

What I really think ruined it for me was the black refried beans. I wish I had asked for none of this if I had known that it would’ve been plastered over the entire plate. There was some bits where I enjoyed it, when the enchilada wasn’t touching the beans because I did actually like what was inside it. I managed to eat probably just a little more than half of it, and filled the rest of myself up with my side of curly fries which were yummy; you can’t go wrong with them.



For drinks, firstly I had a strawberry daiquiri which the waitress kindly froze for me but I didn’t really like it because it was a bit to rummy for me and looked like out of date milk or something. I still drank it obviously. It included; Havana Club 3 years old rum, strawberry liqueur, fresh lime juice and Funkin strawberry puree.


My second cocktail was so much nicer, that was a strawberry red which was made up of Malibu, strawberry liqueur, lemon and cranberry juice and lemonade. It was so refreshing and you couldn’t even taste the alcohol, it was like juice.


I was a little gutted that I didn’t like my food because recently I have really been enjoying the veggie meals I have got, and my friends bigged it up before we went by saying that it was nice. Nonetheless, I would recommend coming here for cocktails because those were good and there was a wide variety to chose from. The service here is plausible also, the waitresses are very nice and attentive.

Service –


Menu and Prices –


Food and drink –


10-14 W Nile St

Glasgow, G1 2PP

0141 248 5705





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