10 foods that surprisingly are NOT suitable for vegans or vegetarians

A while ago, you may have read my “10 snacks that are surprisingly suitable for vegans/vegetarians” post and therefore would’ve read my vow to continue it with a post on foods that surprisingly are NOT suitable for vegans or vegetarians. So here you go!


A few of these may be pretty obvious to some of you, but most of them took me by surprise. I would also like to note that some are extreme, so it really depends on how strict you are with veganism or vegetarianism.

  1. Coco Pops and Corn Flakes

So these cereals are what actually prompted me in to writing this post. I had been told that Coco Pops were suitable for vegans, which I initially was going to include in my other post, however when researching I discovered that they are NOT suitable.

Kelloggs Coco Pops and Corn Flakes used to be suitable for vegans, but that was until they decided to add in lanolin-based Vitamin D. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is either fish oil or sheep’s lanolin. Lanolin is a waxy substance that is secreted by glands found in a sheep’s skin.

It also states on the Kelloggs website that neither of these are suitable for vegans. So if you are a vegan who did not know about the new lanolin addition, you do now!


  1. White Sugar

This one especially took me by surprise. How can SUGAR, a tiny, crystallised substance NOT be suitable for vegans? Well, sugar is actually crushed animal bones.

Refined white sugar is bleached in a process that includes running the sugar through “bone char” or “natural carbon”. In other words, charred cattle.

  1. Brown Sugar as well!

Likewise, brown sugar is not suitable. It is just the same as white sugar from being processed the same way, only it has added molasses to make it brown.

To be sure that you are consuming vegan sugar, you should buy organic sugar or beet sugar which is not filtered with bone char the way cane sugar is.


  1. Cheesecake

As much as this may sound obvious that it is not suitable for vegans, some cheesecakes are actually not suitable for vegetarians either. Some manufacturers use gelatin in their cheesecakes to help set the cream cheese.

In addition to this, some companies don’t even use free-range eggs.

The best cheesecake that you could possibly have to ensure there is no animal traces whatsoever, is to bake your own!

  1. Oreos

I stated this about Oreos in my last post, but I feel like I should bring it up again because there is so much debate over whether they are suitable for vegans or not.

Oreos are NOT suitable for vegans because although the creamy part in the middle of not properly made of milk, they still do have cross contact with milk. It even says so on the Oreos website.

  1. Marshmallows

This was another one that took me by surprise as I wasn’t aware that marshmallows contained gelatin.

It’s always those little sneaky traces of gelatin that ruin it for vegetarians. However, it is possible to get vegetarian and vegan marshmallows.

  1. Red Sweeties

Discovering this has grossed me right out. It turns out that even if your favourite (red) sweeties are gelatin free, a lot of them contain cochineal which can also be seen on a label as E120 or Carmine.

If you do not know what cochineal is, allow me to enlighten you… it is crushed beetles. The red pigment comes from a female cochineal insect.

  1. Worchester Sauce

If you’re a fan of Worchester Sauce then you may or may not know that it contains anchovies, which are small fishes. This makes it not suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

These anchovies are also included in Walker’s Worchester Sauce flavoured crisps.

  1. Pasta

So we all know that pasta is suitable for vegetarians, because it’s almost all I live off of, but it can also be unsuitable for vegans. While most pastas are suitable for vegans, some kinds can be made from using egg.

Like most things in supermarkets, you can get vegan alternatives and there is a massive variety of pastas – just always be sure to check the ingredients.

  1. Orange Juice

Although this isn’t food, it still took me by surprise as it can most definitely can be mistaken as suitable for vegans. However, most orange juices, such as the make ‘Tropicana’ contains fish oil and lanolin.

Remember I mentioned lanolin earlier? The waxy substance from sheep’s skin?

Personally, I think if you were to cut orange juice out of your diet it’s a bit extreme, but like I said, it all depends on how strict you are.

orange juice

So there you have it; 10 foods that are not suitable for vegans and vegetarians that may or may not have taken you by surprise.

Moral of the story is; always check the ingredients and gelatin is sneaky.




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