Glasgow’s summer had come and gone within just 7 days last week. This was everyone’s chance to get their taps aff and make the most of the beer gardens. I spent the majority of my week in the West End at Kelvingrove Park and took a trip to BRGR one of the days for some lunch, here is how it went;


First Impressions and Service

This was my first time eating at BRGR, although I had heard my boyfriend talk about it a few times before. I lunched with him and as usual, we had been debating since the night before about where to eat so it wasn’t until we had almost walked by it he finally made up his mind and we settle on here. I didn’t expect it to be just a little shop with only two benches for its outdoor seating – it could be easy to miss but you’ll find it on the Great Western Road if you keep your eyes peeled!

Inside isn’t really anything special. It’s small with some tables and practically a little fast food café with minimal decor, but like I said I made the most of the day and sat outside which turned out to be a bad decision because it soon became so windy.

I didn’t think the service was that great to be honest. We were told that there was no tabs on the tables outside so we had to go inside to order yet the people who sat down beside us had their order taken by the waitress. It wasn’t a problem going in to order but shouldn’t all customers be treated the same? Because it was so windy as well, everything on our table was blowing about everywhere, I had to chase the kitchen roll and empty wrappers almost halfway up the street. I don’t know if the waitresses just didn’t notice this (it would be hard not to) because they didn’t come out once to take away our empty wrappers that appeared to be littering the Great Western Road, we had to take everything inside to them ourselves and no apology was received. However the food was brought out to us fairly promptly.

Menu and Prices

The prices made up for the lack of service – great burgers for a great price. Almost every burger on the menu was under £7, there was one at £10 called ‘THE BRGR’ with all sorts on it so I’m assuming that is the daddy burger and it was the most expensive thing on the menu.

The best part is that they have a Monday-Friday deal where all burgers are only £4!!!!! And from Saturday-Sunday only £5!!!!! These deals only exclude ‘THE BRGR’.  There is also a kid’s meal deal (only for under 10 year olds) for just £3 which includes a main, a side and a drink – bargain.


All sides are under £5, as well as the amazing milkshakes. You can also purchase alcohol here, from spirits and wine, to beer and cidres.

There is a veggie section on the menu with only two burgers, however I have said this before in my review of Bloc; you can’t really have that much substitutes for a burger anyway. There is also a veggie salad on the menu which sounded really refreshing, but I knew straight away which burger I wanted.

The full menu can be viewed here.


This was without a doubt the nicest veggie burger I have ever tasted. I got the Falafel burger which was made up of; falafel, cos lettuce, chipotle mayo, cidre onion and roasted red peppers- it was sooo yummy. Usually I find that veggie burgers can be really soft, crumbly and dry but this wasn’t, it was perfect. The bun was even nice as well, it wasn’t too greasy. I think this was the first burger I have finished in a long time, probably because it wasn’t over packed and far too thick like some places make them. It was a perfect wee size for me and I really enjoyed it.

The milkshake I got was also the nicest shake I have ever tasted. The milkshakes here are seriously under-rated, I don’t know why I haven’t heard anyone speak of them before. I got a small Oreo milkshake and it wasn’t even sickening – I drank it all. It was nice and cool and perfect for a sunny day. If you haven’t tried a milkshake from here then I demand you MUST.



Despite the poor service, the food and prices definitely make up for this. I’m so happy the falafel burger was nice because I have found myself trying out veggie burgers then not liking them or not finishing it. I was also seriously not expecting the milkshake to taste as good as it did either! BRGR is a great place to stop off for a quick and cheap bite to eat if you’re wandering about the West End unsure where to eat. Please get an Oreo milkshake and thank me later.

Service –


Menu and Prices –


Food –


526 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 8EL

0141 339 1199



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