Creamy Asparagus Curry Recipe Review

I have decided to write a much different post from the usual, as I recently purchased some cook books. So, this is a little review of a recipe that I tried out this week.

On Monday I took a trip to my local Asda and bought (my first ever!) two cook books – vegetarian recipes and a 7 day detox planner which both had various breakfast, light snacks and lunches, dinner and dessert recipes. The first recipe I decided to take on was the ‘Creamy Asparagus Curry’ from the detox book. It looked pretty easy if I do say so. Now, I must disclose, I am certainly no chef, although I do try. I would love to be a good cook, and I am trying to improve hence my recent purchases.


The recipe and method for the curry are as follows;


Now, I spent £10 on ingredients for this ‘curry’ and needless to say it was pretty shit. I followed all of the instructions, used all of the correct ingredients but my version certainly didn’t turn out like how it should look according to the book.

Curry pic
How it should’ve looked

It seemed to form like soup instead of a ‘creamy’ curry. I don’t know where I went wrong? My papa suggested that I had possibly cooked the coconut milk for too long causing it to form into that powdery look. To thicken it up a bit my papa added cornflour, which did work, however it then turned gloopy and looked like the food that is served to Oliver Twist, gruel.

my food

As for the taste, I didn’t like that either. I thought it would maybe have a slight kick to it, as the name would suggest, but it didn’t really. I think I made a mistake by mixing the leaves through it which totally enhanced the taste of coriander, which turns out I don’t even like. You may also notice in the photos that I added in carrots as they weren’t actually a necessary ingredient – that was also a bad decision. They were too hard and just didn’t even go with the curry, I don’t know what I was thinking.

It was a fairly easy meal to make, as you can probably tell from the instructions. However it was a cheap book, £3 to be exact, so maybe because it was so cheap, that’s why it didn’t turn out amazing? I don’t know. Although it was easy, buying the ingredients certainly were not cheap, I would’ve been better off just eating out. But I suppose it’s good to try something different, which is what this whole project has been all about.

To conclude, I honestly don’t know where I went wrong with cooking this curry/soup/gruel, I followed all the instructions and used all the correct ingredients (apart from stupidly adding in carrots). I am also disappointed that it went wrong as it was a total waste of £10! I purchased everything from the fish sauce WHICH was only needed for ONE SPOONFULL, to the leaves for garnishing. I’m now left wondering if someone else was to cook it, would it be better?

Hey-ho. Better luck next time.

You can purchase both of these books from ASDA.

PS. You guys have probably started to notice that I do not take the best photos of food, I am going to start trying to take some better pics!




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