Bar Soba

Yesterday’s lunch led me to the Asian street food restaurant, Bar Soba – somewhere I have never been before, even for as much as a cocktail, although I always wanted to try. I had heard a lot about Bar Soba from friends who dine there a lot and have seen plenty of Instagrams of cocktails, so I thought it was about time I paid a visit and tried out something completely different.

First Impressions and Service

Not until recently, I didn’t realise that it was actually an Asian food restaurant, for some reason I thought it was just pub grub, like burgers and steaks etc. So I didn’t really know what kind of food to expect and I knew this was 100% out of my comfort zone – I had never really tried anything like this before.

There are 3 Bar Sobas in Glasgow; Byres Road, Mitchell Lane and Merchant City. I visited the restaurant hidden away in Mitchell Lane, which is easy to miss although it is just off of Buchanan Street.

Once again, I lunched with my friend Chris who also accompanied me when I paid my first visit and wrote my first ever review for Stereo. We were seated and greeted immediately and given a jug of water and glasses filled with strawberries and cucumber – very refreshing.

It was pretty quiet inside, with a relaxed ambience. All the staff seemed chilled out and all was well for a miserable rainy day in Glasgow.

It did take a while for me to decide what I wanted because there was a lot of tasty sounding options even though I had no clue what a lot of them were (I have got somewhat better though at recognising some foods since the veggie conversion), so I would like to thank the staff for their patience. After ordering our grub, it was served to us within about 15 minutes.


Menu and Prices

The best thing about this place is 100% the price. My jaw really did hit the floor after I saw the bill. Obviously I’m a student, so I was able to use my student card which actives the student deal of 2 meals for the price of 1 (main courses only).

The total came to £14, which was for 2 main courses with a side of chips. That was only £7 each!! I thought that was great considering my meal on its own would’ve came to £9; definitely worth a visit if you are a student on a budget.

As for the menu, all of the veggie options were kept to the opposite side of the menu from where the meaty meals were, which is a good way to keep them apart. There was a great option for vegans and vegetarians, but I wasn’t too surprised about this because as I thought about it, Asian meals are pretty vegetablely. Not only was there good main course options, but the small plates were appealing also with the likes of vegetable springs rolls which I was SO tempted to order.

I should also mention that there was an equal amount of gluten free dishes in addition. For me, this was a hidden gem, as recently I have been feeling like all the veggie menus I have seen have been all the same usual meals; it was a good change. The full menu can be viewed here.



I ordered the ‘Pad Thai Noodles’ and a side of ‘Soba Fries and Peanut Sauce’.

Firstly, the peanut sauce genuinely made me feel sick. I like peanuts and peanut butter, but certainly not fries dipped in peanut sauce. To be fair, the fries could’ve came with sweet chilli sauce, but of course I don’t like anything spicy so the waiter actually chose the peanut sauce for us. I reckon the sweet chilli sauce would probably have been nicer, although the chips were reallllly spicy so I legit probably would’ve burst in to flames.

My noodles came in a big bowl with lots of healthy veg; classic thai rice noodles with mixed Asian vegetables and chilli flakes, wok fried with a light refreshing pad thai sauce. I probably don’t even need to mention by now that I get the spiciness removed from anything, so yes that included removing the chilli flakes from my meal.

I felt really healthy eating the noodles mixed with loads of veg, although I can’t quite remember which veg this included. There was a lot of noodles which kind of got me messy because they were so long and the sauce ended up splashing all over my face. Although I liked the noodles, I think I preferred the veg which was covered in the sauce better. After a while the noodles got a bit sickening, because there was so much and the sauce made them really slimy, however I did still eat a good amount for such a big bowl. They were also very sweet I noticed.

I like those white wormy looking things on top which I do not know the name of.


I feel like I always say this now, but I would like to come back here and try something different on the menu because there really was good options. This was a satisfying lunch for an absolute bargain and I would definitely recommend coming here if you’re a student (or bring someone who is a student as you only need one student card) on a budget. It’s a different kind of lunch from the usual.

Service –


Menu and Prices –


Food –


11 Mitchell Lane
G1 3NU
0141 204 2404

79 Albion Street
G1 1NY
0141 237 1551

116-112 Byres Road
G12 8TB
0141 357 5482


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