An interview with a fellow Vegetarian

Having feeling the struggle recently, when going in to restaurants to order the vegan or vegetarian option whilst seeing other meaty choices alongside that I would previously go for, I decided to interview a fellow vegetarian for a bit of inspiration. Not only is this some inspo for me, but if anyone else is thinking of saying cheerio to meat then have a read.

How long have you been vegetarian for?

I’ve been a vegetarian solidly for 10 months now. For one of those 10 months I was actually vegan. I was vegetarian for a month last year too, just to see if I could do it – which sort of sparked becoming vegetarian completely.

Why did you become vegetarian?

I became vegetarian for ethical reasons. I’m a supporter of the animal rights movement and as a former meat-lover, I thought I’d better learn to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Aside from how cruel the industry is for animals, it’s also incredibly harmful to the environment which I’d like to distance myself from as much as possible.

Did you eat a lot of meat before?

Yeah, ate shit-tonnes of meat. I have a pretty big appetite and wasn’t shy of a sausage roll beforehand.

How hard did you find not eating meat at first?

My first trial month was quite difficult, but I got used to it eventually. The idea that I was only doing it for a little while helped, but since adopting vegetarianism completely it gets a lot easier with time. The second time round was not anywhere near as difficult once I knew what I was getting myself in for.

How are you finding it now?

Piece of piss. There’s still some times when you smell food or whatever and you get a hankerin’ for a meaty scran but it’s pretty easy to brush it off. Strangely enough, I also find it a bit harder when I’ve had a drink, but it’s never been more than I can will off.

Have you noticed any noticeable health changes?

I didn’t think I had up until not that long ago but I think my immune system in general fares a lot better than it used to be. I don’t know if I can attribute that directly to becoming vegetarian right enough, but it does seem to be in the last year or so.

What restaurants do you eat at most?

I don’t know if I have any that I totally frequent but Subway (if that counts?), Mono and Yo Sushi are probably up there. I also get toasties and stuff from Costa quite a lot as well. Generally, I don’t have too much trouble finding veggie friendly options when I’m eating out – vegan’s a bit trickier.

What do you now order when you’re there?

Veggie delight from Subway – lettuce, red onions, pickles & jalapenos/olives with southwest sauce (it’s the tits), Lamachan pizza from Mono, pretty much anything without fish or meat from Yo Sushi, and toasties from Costa. Anywhere else, Mac and cheese or veggie curries are usually a safe bet.

Do you think you will ever eat meat again?

Never say never and all that, but at the moment I have absolutely no desire to ever take up eating meat again. Aiming to be completely vegan by April.

If he can do it, can’t we all!?



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