So this is a bit of a different review from usual, because today I had my first ever fast-food veggie option. Mexican as well. I went to Pintos, a sit in or take away Mexican canteen which is exclusive to Scotland. This review will be a bit shorter than usual, with less to say on service because of it being fast food. Nonetheless;

First Impressions and Service

I have been to Pinto once before and I remember hating it. I can’t even remember what I got or why I hated it, probably me just being my usual fussy self. What I do remember is that I had got meat that time though. So today was my second visit and I was feeling optimistic after hearing positive things about the veggie burrito.

Despite what some may say, Pintos is fast food, only a bit fancier than McDonalds and Burger King, with nicer décor and your food comes in cool little baskets, which by the way you are not allowed to steal (they would make great stationary holders).

There are a total of 4 restaurants in Glasgow and 1 in Edinburgh. I’m really surprised this is only a Scottish thing because it’s so popular.

I have only ever ate in the Queen Street restaurant, which is clean – the main thing you’re wanting in a fast-food place. I have also only ever been at lunch time and it does get pretty busy. It’s a simple process of entering, queuing and ordering your food from the menu board.

All toppings are displayed in front of you (like Subway) so you can pick exactly what you want. Each time I have been here the staff have always been friendly and had a bit of banter asking why I was even here if I don’t like spice – a usual question when visiting Mexican’s.

meal deal

Menu and Prices 

For a fast food restaurant, I actually thought it was quite pricey. I could get what I usually get in Nandos, for the same price as a burrito and I get more from Nandos.

You can choose from burritos, tacos, nachos, salads, and quesadillas. All come with a veggie option, which is great really. They also cater for gluten free requirements which is a bonus.

However, my meal came to just over £7 and that was only for a burrito and can of juice. There are meal deals available, however it is just £7 for any chicken burrito and a canned drink. I don’t think that’s a decent price for a meal deal if I’m honest, especially if it is only a chicken burrito. Aside from the expenses, the menu is good for a veggie with substitutes for all.


I got a veggie burrito and knew that was exactly what I wanted before I had even got there. The burrito contained kidney beans, rice, tomatoes, onions (I think), cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa – all of this was mild.

I think it’s fair to say that it was massive and extremely messy. I enjoyed the burrito, but I won’t lie, as I was eating this I was thinking it would be even nicer with chicken. I liked everything on the burrito apart from the beans. Well, I did like them, they were just too crumbly and soft. I have found that a lot with veggie foods, they are really crumbly and I always notice the weird textures.

Burritos from Pinto will definitely fill you up because they are so packed, I can only imagine that those with meat will be even more filling. As much as I enjoyed it, I missed my chicken while eating it.


Pinto is good, with its consideration for veggies as well as those gluten intolerant. I can’t say that I will rush back any time soon though, even to try other options because nothing has really made me want to go back and try the likes of veggie tacos. I’m not saying that I won’t ever go back, or that I didn’t like my food because I did actually eat more than half of it! I’ve just been missing chicken and simply didn’t think it was anything special.



Menu and Prices




Gordon Street

5 Gordon Street,
G1 3PL

Hope Street

115 Hope Street,
G2 6LL

Queen Street

138 Queen Street,
G1 3BX



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