Last week I ate at the bar and restaurant on Bath Street named Bloc, for lunch, and needless to say, I did not need any dinner afterwards. I tried my first MASSIVE veggie burger and here is how it went;

First Impressions and Service

I had been here just once before as part of a pub crawl, so I knew that it was a ideal stop for one of these kind of crawls in Glasgow, but I didn’t realise until recently that they were actually open for lunch and dinner also (despite the big poster that hangs outside advertising their food deals that I failed to register).

My second visit took me for lunch on a Friday afternoon. Bloc is not hard to miss, with its bold sign outside that makes it look like a place of interest, and is also situated near the beginning of Bath Street to start off the strip of bars.

I could say it’s quite cosy being one of those underground bars but I would rather say it’s grungy, cool and very music orientated – the posters of gigs and musicians give this away and also the fact that Bloc is a music label as well, hosting many gigs of ‘the best DIY music of Scotland’.

It is quite big, although it can get busy more so at night time when it’s merely for the music and alcohol, so if you are going for food, obviously go before the boozers peak times!

I had actually reserved a table for this day, I didn’t expect it to be that busy but to my surprise it was filling up and I noticed that other people had also reserved a table. I liked the tables here, they are basically big booths which meant plenty of intimate space and good for big groups. I was waited on quickly and was never waiting too long for my orders.

Menu and Prices12696265_1265967010085886_8513257_n

The deals here that run all through the week are in fact hidden gems. I am gutted I hadn’t noticed these before.

Pasta Mondays, Burger Tuesdays, Steak Wednesdays, Kentucky Thursdays, Bloc+Dog Fridays and 2 pizzas for £8.95 every day.

From the main menu there wasn’t that much veggie options, however from what there was I don’t really think you would need much more.

Although it is heavily meat based there was a substitute for a burger, 2 out of the 3 ‘Blog+Dogs’ are veggie and 3 out of the 4 salads are also. So really, there only wasn’t that much range in veggie burgers but what more do you really need?

Then of course there was the steaks, which I don’t think you can get substitutes for? You could add on further sides and I was really happy to see that they had vegetarian quorn nachos as well as meaty nachos.

Everything on the menu (on its own) was under £10 which I thought was really good, especially considering the size of the burgers which I will discuss below. The menu at Bloc really pleased me and I felt as though they had considered vegan and vegetarians with good substitutes of food. The full menu and deals can be viewed here.

My Food

After being recommended the ‘Veganoid’ Bloc+Dog, I decided that I wasn’t in the mood for a hot dog, so I went with the ‘V.EDGY’ burger. I did expect a big burger, but nowhere as near as this size. Maybe I just thought it was bigger than what it really was because I’m so used to Nandos burgers which aren’t that massive.

The burger itself was made up of handmade nutty, red, puy lentils and pumpkin seeds with toppings of NY style sweet onions, cinnamon relish and sweet pickles. Mild spiced cheddar was also an option but I opted out of that. It also came with a side of yummy seasoned French fries.

Despite the size and my instant cognizance that I was not going to finish this, I gave my first veggie burger a bash. I enjoyed the actual burger, I expected it to be crumbly as that’s how some veggie burgers made up of seeds etc. can be, but luckily this didn’t crumble in my hands like a fajita I had wrapped up would.

‘Sweet’ onions and ‘sweet’ pickles right enough. The burger was packed with onions and if I had known that there would be so many I would’ve asked for less, me not being a fan of onions. I found the toppings really really sweet which seemed to fill me up quicker and got a bit sickening, but I still managed to eat a good half of it. I had this burger at 3pm and didn’t need to eat again until 9pm, and it wasn’t even another meal, just snacks.

It doesn’t look that big here but trust me it was.


I was really pleased with the veggie options on Bloc’s menu and would recommend the burger I got if you are a fan of big, sweet burgers with lots of onions! I am curious to find out what the Blog+Dogs taste like. I saw one being brought out to another table (unsure if this was veggie or not) and it looked just as filling as the burgers! Bloc is definitely a place worth visiting for food and even a night out.



Menu –


Food –


Bar Bloc
117 Bath Street
G2 2SZ



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