As Valentines Day is approaching, I thought that it would be most appropriate to write up a review of somewhere that, I think, would be the ideal place for a romantic dinner date – my favourite Italian restaurant in Glasgow.

First Impressions and Service

Overall, I have dined in Amarone three times since last October and each time gets better than the last. Situated roughly in the middle of Glasgow’s busiest street, Buchanan, I would suggest making a reservation in advance, as it’s usually busy especially from Fridays to Saturdays – I learned this would be a sensible idea to do so after my first visit when there was a little wait for our table, however, the service is so accommodating you can sit at the bar and order drinks as you wait which quickly passes time.

Aside from the food, the service here is the finest, from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. The waiters take your coats and hang them, pulls you’re chair out before you sit, and they even pour your drinks for you. They provide the service that all restaurants should provide, but I think what makes it so good here, is they never fail to do so, unlike some places that can forget and don’t deliver this service. Most importantly, the waiters here are always so friendly and polite.

Apart from if you haven’t made reservations for a table, the wait for taking orders and receiving your food is never to long, this is something I like the most, you’re never waiting for longer than twenty minutes at the most for your meal.

Furthermore, I always feel so classy when I eat here because the interior inside is stylish and sophisticated. The restaurant is actually slightly underground, with windows that just creep up a bit so you can see people’s feet on Buchanan Street.

AMARONE - GLASGOW for Di Maggio Group

Menu and Prices

There is a large menu here, which caters fairly well to veggies with 16 options to choose from. From starters such as soups and breads, to main courses ranging from pastas, pizzas and calzones. I also remember a waiter telling me that it would be possible to take out meat from a meal if it contained just a small bit in it. For example; the Capesante Con Pancetta, which is seared Scottish king scallops served with grilled pancetta ham with sun dried tomato’s and chilli dressing; you could order without the ham, if you are pescatarian of course, as Amarone is also a seafood restaurant.

For a sophisticated restaurant, the prices here are all reasonable, with the majority of pastas and pizzas charged at around £10, although seafood or stakes are slightly more expensive. I did expect it to be more costly, especially for the dishes being so large. There is currently a Valentines deal on which is £34.95 per person for a three course meal. The deal and full menu can be viewed here.

My Food

Typing this up is making my mouth water at the thought of the Penne Con Pomodorini pasta – my usual order. This pasta is small penne tubes with fresh cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce and basil.

If you have read my negative review on Zizzis, you will see that this is more or less the same meal, which is why I think I didn’t like Zizzis so much because it is nothing like Amarone’s pasta.

Here, is also one of the only places (apart from Nandos), where I will get two sides – hand cut chips and ‘Pan All’Aglio’, Amarone’s garlic bread. These hand cut chips are almost like potato wedges because they are so big, you only get about ten chips, or actually less, in a bowl.

The Penne Con Pomodorini pasta is so delicious I can’t really describe it, other than I think the tomato sauce is quite sweet, but lovely. Parmesan cheese grated over the top of it creates the perfect finish when it melts in. This is definitely my favourite pasta dish from any Italian restaurant in Glasgow as all three visits this is what I have ordered.

Amarone is a perfect example of me not branching out and trying other meals purely because this meal is just too tasty! I think next time I come here I should try the other veggie pasta or maybe one of their pizzas.


Amarone is the perfect place to dine this Valentines Day because not only is the service and food top notch, it is lovely and romantic with little tea-light candles and I cannot imagine a date going badly here. If I hadn’t already made reservations elsewhere in Edinburgh, this is where I would be going, although there is also a restaurant in Edinburgh but it is already fully booked!



Five stars all round!!

0141 333 1122

2 Nelson Mandela Place


G2, 1BT



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