St Louis Cafe Bar

A typical Glasgow West End café, situated in Partick with a certain arty-farty vibe which reminded me a little of Central Perk from ‘Friends’. I came here early this morning for a vegetarian breakfast for the first time ever. After planning a breakfast date and debating where to go, I remembered driving by this place a lot and thought it would be worth a visit – and it was!

First Impressions and Service

From the outside it definitely looks like a welcoming and pleasant looking café, which is the reason for me wanting to come here. Especially during the summer season in Glasgow, many a times I have drove by it and there has been seats and tables placed outside with people looking like they were enjoying themselves.

This morning I was happy to see that it is also just as pleasant on the inside as it is on the outside with fairy lights wrapped around a pillar (always a nice little touch) and plenty of tables with seats and couches evenly spaced out, to sum it up, it was really cute and cosy. I also noticed that there was a chalk board on the wall with scheduled nights such as small gigs or games nights, so I assume it’s a decent night time bar also.

We were greeted good morning as soon as we walked in and were able to sit anywhere, seeing as it was so early it wasn’t very busy. One thing that really shocked me and that I hadn’t even noticed until after 20 minutes seated, was there was a dog just sitting beside a table with another customer – not a guide dog may I add. Then shortly after, another customer with his dog walked in, sat down and the waitress asked the owner if his dog would like a bowl of water! It surprised me because neither of them were guide dogs and I never usually see dogs chilling in other cafes like this. This didn’t bother me, although seeing this is a review it’s worth noting as others may not be keen on this.

The service here was quick; to order you go up to the bar and within 5 minutes we had our drinks, shortly followed by our breakfasts. I liked the waitress here because she served us our food and left us to eat (as it should be), unlike some places who constantly ask ‘Is everything okay?’ – Once is enough!


Menu and Prices

I only got to look at the breakfast menu as this is what I came for, however lunch or dinner menus can be viewed via their website. The breakfast menu is only small, but to be honest it had mostly all you needed to eat in the morning, and luckily, if you are the type of person who likes breakfasts for dinner, it runs here from 9am-5pm. For vegetarians/vegans there was;

Fruit and Granola – served with yoghurt and berry compote £3.95

Veg’ Breakfast – Free range egg, veg haggis, veg sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato, potato scone, beans and toast  £6.50

Veg’ Special – Veg haggis, poached eggs and spinach on English muffin £5.95

(Free Range) Egg or Potato Scone Roll £1.95

(Free Range) Scrambled/Poached eggs on toast  £3.95

Waffles and Syrup £3.95

Fruit Scone, toast or English muffin £1.95

A pretty decent option for veggies I would say. I expected the prices to be a bit more expensive here, purely because it’s a West End café and it always seems to be busy (on the outside during summer anyway). I chose the Veg’ Breakfast and was quite looking forward to trying the haggis because only last year I tried meat haggis and surprisingly liked it. Unfortunately their veggie sausages had not been delivered yet so I couldn’t get this but was able to add on something else, so I added on another potato scone.

My Food

Everything about this breakfast was enjoyable, from the hot chocolate to basic beans. It really was just a basic breakfast but I enjoyed it because it was all cooked well and it’s what I was in the mood for this morning.

I enjoyed the veggie haggis but to my surprise it was spicy! I think it may have contained onions and possibly seeds, I assume there was maybe a chilli in there also to give it that spicy kick. Despite my dislike for spice, I managed to eat it with sips of water after every bite.

The free range egg was also my idea of perfection with an orange runny yolk, perfect for mixing with the beans, potato scone and tomato sauce. I was quite disappointed about no veggie sausages because I have tried a veggie sausage because and enjoyed it, it would also probably have been good here as well.

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I was really happy with my breakfast at St Louis Café Bar this morning – a good breakfast is a good mood all day. I reckon if this hadn’t been good, I would’ve been in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I’m glad I wasn’t let down and I would like to return here possibly for lunch or a drink in the evening.

Service –


Food –


Menu –


Phone: 0141 339 1742

St. Louis Cafe Bar
734 Dumbarton Road
G11 7 RD



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