Zizzi’s is one of my favourite restaurants, purely because their Spaghetti Bolognese is delicious and I have also picked at some Calzones before which have been pretty tasty. However, I was seriously disappointed when I visited Zizzi’s as a vegetarian purely because of the lack of option and tasteless food.

First Impressions and Service

There is no need for me to write about my first impressions as this was not the first time I had been to Zizzi’s, although it is notable for me to write about how the food is actually cooked in front of you in the Royal Exchange Square restaurant (where I ate).

This evening was a college class night out and we were seated right beside the kitchen which is open plan for everyone to see – this I like, because I am nosy and fascinated by pizza-dough flipping.

The interior inside this restaurant is very appealing also, with high decorated classy ceilings which leads me to believing it was previously a bank.

Service here is always up to standard, we were never waiting too long for orders to be taken or for food to be served. This evening wasn’t too busy, surprisingly, given the time of the year. The waitresses and waiters here are always pleasant and polite which is an absolute must when serving – I have never had a bad experience with the service in Zizzi’s.


image used from www.g1architects.com720 

Menu and Prices


Normally, the menu here is great with lots of lovely meaty Italian options, however for vegetarians/vegans the options are seriously limited and unsatisfying. The starters and sides probably had the most option for V’S as they are basically breads, olives or salads. From the main courses, there was just nine veggie options out of almost forty meals;

Skinny Pizza Primavera

Super Zucca Salad

Primavera Pizza Rustica

Classic Margherita

Classic Zucca

Calzone Trifolati

Spaghetti Pomodoro

Ravioli Di Carpa

Porcini Giganti Tortelloni

It took me a good while to decide what I wanted from this small option because I didn’t want to get a boring old Margarita pizza and I just didn’t want anything else from it.

To be honest, I expected there to be some sort of amazing vegetarian pasta dish, because there usually always is in restaurants. The temptation to just order Spag-Bol was real and I needed a good filling meal considering I would be getting intoxicated afterwards so a salad wouldn’t cut it!

The prices are decent and anticipated so nothing to complain about – you pay for what you get and there was a set Christmas menu with a three course meal deal which was reasonable. Throughout the year I’m sure there is also a set lunch menu deal. The drinks menu is plausible with lovely cocktails and good prices, I treated myself to a  which made me happier after the menu blow.

My Food

After moaning and complaining there was nothing exciting on the menu, I ordered what turned out to be the most boring, tasteless dish there had to be; Spaghetti Pomodoro. It was basically Spaghetti through a tomato sauce with big ‘baby’ tomatoes and massive chuck of mozzarella thrown on top.

I thought it was extremely bland and there was no taste to the tomato sauce that was mixed through it. It tasted a bit like an Asda microwave meal if I am being brutally honest. It was a big dish which is a positive and it did fill me up, but not the satisfying way you want to be filled up.

At least I managed to eat it and didn’t spew it back up by the end of the night. To be fair, the other veggie dishes probably would’ve been better than this and I would’ve been better off with a pizza, as another vegetarian who I was with ordered the Classic Zucca Pizza, to which he seemed to enjoy.


I think I had to much high expectations for Zizzi’s veggie options because I already know their meat dishes are good, so I expected it just to be as good for veggies. I would still return to Zizzi’s, obviously, but I 100% wouldn’t order Spaghetti Pomodoro again and I do not recommend anyone else to either. I certainly won’t rush back for the veggie options, but whenever I do I may try the Calzone Trifolati.

First Impressions and Service –


Menu and Prices –


Food –




Glasgow Princes Square, 48 Buchanan Street 0141 248 5026

Glasgow Royal Exchange Square, 0141 221 2000


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