A Bit About Me!

I feel like I have just fired straight into this blog with the very first post being a review (it is the whole purpose of it, to be fair), so I think it is only polite to reveal a bit more about myself; my normal food habits.

  1. My ultimate favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese. I love it that much it is genuinely all I order whenever I usually eat out, which is actually quite annoying because I would like to branch out more but I can always rely on Spag-Bol. That is all going to change however, with this project unless I find a vegan/vegetarian alternative.
  1. I have (Heinz) tomato sauce with almost everything. If there is no tomato sauce then I probably won’t enjoy my meal. One thing that I repulse everyone by is mixing tomato sauce with curry sauce and (Heinz) beans, I really don’t understand why people find it so disgusting – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! And yes, it must be Heinz.
  1. I’m always in the mood for a ‘cheeky’ Nandos. I never understood the big hype with Nandos at first, but now I could probably eat three a week and this has been done. My usual order from here is; a plain (in spice) chicken burger, although recently I have been ordering a wrap, plain chips, creamy mash and perinaise. This might sound boring and bland but that will be explained in the next fact.
  1. I hate spice, hence why all my Nandos are plain. If my meal is the slightest bit spicy then I simply cannot eat it, sometimes I even find a PLAIN Nandos just a tiny tiny bit spicy.
  1. People hate eating out with me. I’ve heard so many times that I’m the worst to eat out with because I’m fussy and will at least find one thing to moan about, and because I hardly ever finish a meal – this is probably because when I do eat out portions are massive! At end of the day, my critique skills are getting put to use.
  1. My favourite cuisines in order are; Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Spanish and Japanese. Dining out is usually Italian and Sundays are for Chinese, if not a roast.
  1. Lastly, my most weird and disgusting habit would be dipping McDonald’s chips into Mcflurrys, although I’ve heard of other people doing this. So another habit which is probably more disgusting is stuffing a bite of my Chicken Royal burger (Burger King) in to my mouth, then some chips dipped in tomato sauce, followed a sip of cola, and chewing/drinking them all together. I cannot include tomato sauce mixed with curry sauce in this as it just is not weird or disgusting.

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